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50+ CHAPTERS!! of space science fiction visual novel!
**NOT Localized - English ONLY**

PRO version includes:
1. Ad-free experience
2. Option to skip battles
3. Default unlocked endings
4. My gratefulness for your generosity <3

Year 2340.

Space is divided into two systems.

The inner system, centering around Earth is controlled by NGC, the successors of a previous galactic war.

The outer system, composed of space colonies and deserted planets is occupied by CRF (rebel forces) and other deep space creatures.

In the distant outer systems, M is a simple mechanic scraping a living in space colony NGC-13. After his parents' mysterious deaths 8 years ago, he survives by stealing and swindling NGC pilots.

One day, he sees a strange girl in the colony shipyard and decides to follow her...


> 50+ chapters of a galactic journey
> 3 endings driven by accumulating decision points
> All chapter selections unlocked
> 100% free, full game
> NO in-app purchases

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> Stellaren: Acrux now available!

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